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LocaLynx is a FREE App that helps you Shop Local & Save Money.  Find coupons and deals for your favorite local restaurants, shopping, retail stores, entertainment, auto repair, home goods, home services, health and beauty and more.  Order a pizza, find a new local hot spot, get a deal on those new boots, all from the convenience of your smartphone with LocaLynx.  

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Simple yet Powerful

The LocaLynx app was designed with your needs and lifestyle in mind.  Easy to navigate menus and icons are simple to read and understand.  The local business and company profiles feature pictures & intuitive design.  This simplicity is meant to get you to the information you want as efficiently as possible so you can get back to living local.


Your budget just got bigger

Every day consumers spend money.  We eat, we buy, we go and we spend.  By saving a little on multiple purchases throughout the week, the LocaLynx app helps extend your budget.  Could you use an extra vacation, a new pair of shoes or dining out an extra time each month? The LocaLynx app leaves more money in your pocket, where you choose to spend it is up to you.


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Build your community and make it easier to shop, buy, dine and live local!

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