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LocaLynx is a free app, but it's much more than another icon on your phone.

Couple Saving Money Using Local Mobile AppIt's an app that was created to make it easier, more convenient & fun to buy local. Most people want to buy from local businesses. We want to support our friends, neighbors and be a part of helping our community grow. But we only have so much time and money.

We don't want to spend hours looking for that new local restaurant only to find that it's 30 minutes away.  We don't want to pay double the price for everything just so we can say we "shopped local".

The LocaLynx app was built to help locals build our community. It's more than just a statement asking people to "shop local", it's a tool that helps us actually do it. 

LocaLynx is your link to local Dining, Shopping, Entertainment & much more. Download the app today and find out how LocaLynx makes it simple to shop, buy, dine...Live Local!


Press Releases:

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LocaLynx (South Florida) in ModernBocaMom.com 

LocaLynx (Katy, Texas) in KatyMomsBlog.com


Build community and make it easier to shop, buy, dine...Live Local!

Download the free Localynx mobile app for Apple and Android devices today!


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