Restaurant Category

"Our LocaLynx ad has done extremely well! We were intrigued by the app because we are big believers in supporting local. The cost made it a no brainer to at least try. What a great investment! Our ad has brought in a lot of new, younger customers to both of our locations! The thing we are most excited about is that this app will really make a difference in our community by driving dollars to locally owned businesses over national chains. We highly recommend partnering with LocaLynx for both your business & community!"

Athens Greek Restaurant

"Our restaurant was new to the area and we needed to get the word out in a way that was cost effective.  Our ad was paid for in one day with the coupons we received and they keep coming!  We have scaled back the offer and we have still received hundreds of coupons and new customers.  Thanks LocaLynx!"

Ninja Steakhouse 

"We have not done much advertising for our brewery because traditional ads are expensive and difficult to track.  LocaLynx is appealing because it targets smartphone users and a demographic that we want to stay in front of.  We have found that our regulars like the convenience of the app and we have seen an increase in new customers from the advertising."

Phoenix Brewery

Shopping/Retail Category

"We have been talking about reallocating marketing dollars in the rapidly changing mobile world.  It made no sense for us to build our own app, but we were looking for an app presence.  LocaLynx offered us a functional mobile space at a cost that made sense.  We also LOVE the emphasis on shopping local!  Our ad has already paid for itself and we see more people using and talking about the LocaLynx App."

PurseSnickety Boutique 

Home Goods & Services Category

"We were shocked how quick our LocaLynx ad worked.  Within two weeks we got a call for an outdoor kitchen job from LocaLynx, they specifically referenced our Free Fire Pit coupon.  This one job represented over $25,000 into our business.  We love the emphasis on local and our ROI has been through the roof. Thanks LocaLynx!"

Rex Landscaping & Construction

"We have a limited advertising budget and I was apprehensive about “mobile advertising” but we just got a big roofing job from our LocaLynx advertising.  This job alone paid for our ads for the next 2 years so I’m excited to see what LocaLynx does for us in the future.  The process of setting up an ad on LocaLynx couldn’t have been easier.  I would highly recommend it!"

RonCin Enterprises

Local Category

"We have been pleased with the new customers and response we have gotten from the LocaLynx Advertising.  We are all about local so this app was perfect for our business.  It seems like every day we have someone bringing in our LocaLynx coupons."

Mary Anne’s Meats

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